Infant Loss

It was a routine induction that turned into a cesarean section for failure to progress.  The fetal tracing had looked great except the last 20minutes we were having a hard time keeping the baby on the fetal monitor.  Since we were moving into the section room no one was too concerned at this point.  Nothing was out of the ordinary until the physician brought over a limp lifeless baby.  My heart sank.  We did everything we are taught in NRP.  Chest compressions, epinephrine, intubation, nothing worked, no heart rate.  What seemed like forever we worked on this baby all the while the mother  and father are there watching us.  By the time the pediatrician arrived he said we should stop it had been almost 30 minutes with no heart rate.  I didn’t want to stop I wanted to give them the little girl they were supposed to take home.  This was by far the hardest day of my nursing career.  We had a photographer come and take pictures with the family.  Tears were shed by all involved.  Nothing prepares you for a unexpected loss like this.  As a group we were lucky to have a formal debriefing.  It was difficult to watch the family go thru the emotional pain and suffering over the next few days.

Two years later I received a card from the mother and a bracelet with charms one for being an angel trying to save their baby. She remembers me not wanting to give up on their daughter and doing everything we could to try and save her.  She will never know how much this meant to me.

They went on to have other children and was honored they requested myself to be there for delivery.



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