What we don’t know about mother’s milk

“Breast milk grows babies’ bodies, fuels neurodevelopment, provides essential immunofactors and safeguards against famine and disease — why, then, does science know more about tomatoes than mother’s milk? Katie Hinde shares insights into this complex, life-giving substance and discusses the major gaps scientific research still needs to fill so we can better understand it.”

My personal experience as a breastfeeding mom is extensive. I nursed my first baby for 11 months. She self weaned. But that was 24 years ago and I started giving her cereal and juice at 6 weeks of age, per my pediatrician’s recommendation. Wow, how things have changed!! I nursed 6 more babies after her, including a set of twins, and even tandem nursed a toddler and a newborn for a brief period of time. The American culture is not very friendly to what I have come to learn is “ecological breastfeeding” which follows more closely to what the rest of the world does and what the World Health Organization recommends.

The more we learn about the magic juice that is breast milk, the more apparent it becomes that we know almost nothing.

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