Spinning Babies

Recently I was blessed enough to have the amazing opportunity to attend a Spinning Babies workshop.

I have been a labor and delivery nurse for almost 6 years. In that time I have learned a lot of tricks from veteran nurses on what to do to help a laboring women who has gotten “stuck”.  About 2 years ago a couple of my colleagues attended a meeting where they saw a small look into Spinning Babies. They returned very excited and wanting to implement these great tricks they had learned. Slowly we started using a couple of the moves, specifically sidelying release . We even had some doctors request we do “that side thing” to help their patient progress and avoid a cesarean section. So when a full Spinning Babies class was offered in our city a group of 10 nurses from my unit jumped at the chance.

We learned about a lot of techniques. Not just how to do them but when to use them and why they work. We gained knowledge to use not only during active labor but latent labor and even how to get baby and mom in the right position for everyday life and future labor. We now have the quick reference guide on our unit for all nurses to access and use in practice. We often have nurses who were not able to attend the class find a nurse that was and ask advice on what to do for the patient. We have already been able to see spinning babies techniques work tremendously on our unit.

There was another amazing unexpected benefit from this class; collaboration of the birth workers in our community. I believe this class helped the doulas and nurses understand our different roles for our patients and understand that all we want is for our patients to have the birth they want. I have seen the nurses and doulas on social media exchanging ideas on how to help patients in labor.

If you ever have to opportunity to attend a Spinning Babies Workshop I highly encourage you to attend. It was beyond worth it. Check out their website for information on techniques and to find a workshop near you!

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