Welcome to AWHONN Kansas!

Over the past several years, work has occurred to re-engage our AWHONN members in Kansas. We have a strong history of commitment to our professional nursing organization in Kansas from the early days of NAACOG to our current AWHONN organization.

We are poised to provide some “value-add” to our 235 AWHONN members across the state. Check out the leadership summary to learn more about the folks, with your same passion, who have stepped forward to lead our state. I am thrilled to have these professional nurses on board to assist with implementing in Kansas the AWHONN mission of improving and promoting the health of women and newborns as well as strengthen the nursing profession.

The American Nursing Association (ANA) describes the standards of professional nursing practice by articulating standards of practice (the nursing process) and professional performance.  Professional performance includes concepts like education, evidence-based practice and research, leadership and collaboration to name a few.

Providing a way to reach out and learn from each other is one way to strengthen our nursing professional performance.   A blog is a simple way to seek out information or ideas, share knowledge and discuss challenges.

I hope you enjoy AWHONN Kansas blog and find it as one new feature to add value to your membership and strengthen your professional nursing practice.

~Lisa Alexander

KS AWHONN Section Chair

ANA Scope and Standards of practice

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